My research portfolio is quite diverse. I am primarily interested in international political economy, with a focus on international trade. I have published extensively on the WTO over the past decade. Since the election of Donald Trump, I have also become fascinated with the interaction of US states and foreign investment/trade with a particular interest in Appalachia.


Another area of research focuses on women in academia. Through my work with the ISA Committee on the Status of Women and the Women’s Caucus, I have published on the status of women in the organization. Currently, I am working on a larger project with Marijke Breuning (University of North Texas), Jennifer Ramos (Loyola Marymount University), and Jamie Scalera (Georgia Southern University) on academic productivity during COVID-19 with an emphasis on academic parenthood.

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Finally, I am interested in pedagogy in political science and international studies. Shauna Fisher (WVU) and I have coauthored a paper on the gendered aspects of graduate mentoring. I am also interested in writing more on the pedagogy of authenticity.

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